Company’s Policies

At Wordsworth limited, we believe that carrying out our business in a way which is sustainable and socially responsible with regard to the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and others who may be affected by our operations is our responsibility. As part of this responsibility, we have developed an excellent Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy to show our commitment. This policy is updated periodically to reflect our ever changing improvements in our operations.

Our commitments are as follows:

  • To demonstrate top level commitment and clearly define responsibility and accountability for securing the safe operation of the company and all its activities with regards to HSE standards ;
  • To Safeguard the health and Safety of all who work for us by promoting an accident free workplace, assessing and minimizing risks, and providing regular medical examination and advice for all employees in situations where health is relevant to safe performance of duties.
  • To create a climate and systems to ensure that incidents, near misses, concerns and complaints are reported, recorded, adequately investigated and steps taken to address root causes..
  • To anticipate, evaluate and manage major risks for our operations through the continued development of safety management programmes that emphasize prevention and effective emergency preparedness, response and recovery plans.
  • To increase and maintain awareness of health, safety and environment issues among our workforce and to train our personnel to work in a safe manner.
  • To ensure that Health, Safety and Environment protection are considered at all stages of our activities and all equipment and structures are operated, maintained and inspected in a safe way
  • To undertake regular monitoring, periodic review and audit to ensure that this policy and associated management systems are being correctly operated maintained and improved
  • To comply with all relevant legislation and applicable HSE laws and regulations, as well as other HSE requirements defined by clients, Company standards and procedures
  • To earn the trust of employees and the public by initiating and maintaining an open dialogue about our health, safety and environment policies, programmes and performance
  • To develop communication channels which ensure that this policy and its objectives are understood by all employees, clients and members of the public, and which allow us to actively seek their input and feedback.

To meet these commitments, Wordsworth Limited shall:

  • Identify responsibility for compliance with HSE standards at each level throughout the organisation
  • Allocate appropriate resources and establish and support HSE standards
  • Provide for the participation of employees in different HSE training activities to securing good HSE performance.
  • Seek to eliminate or reduce risks at all level of activities.
  • Develop and implement programmes which identify and minimise risks to the environment, the health and safety of our employees, and others who may be affected by our operations and our business.
  • Provide employees with the equipment, information, instruction, training and supervision needed to minimise risks to themselves and others.
  • Develop appropriate contingency plans to minimise any risk to the environment, employees, the public and our business in the event of a major incident.


Wordsworth ltd ensures that in carrying out its operations, Policy covering the requirement and principles for the control of Alcohol and drug use and abuse is strictly adhered to by its employees or visitors whilst they are on company’s property or any client’s property.


  • New and old employees will be given appropriate instruction and information regarding Alcohol use and abuse.
  • All new operational staff will undergo medical screening for any substance abuse
  • Any incident substance abuse will be recorded, reviewed and any trend notes so that any remedial actions may be taken as necessary.
  • Any unknown or suspected drug seen should be reported
  • Any employee who voluntarily announces a problem related with drug or Alcohol will be offered counselling and support.

No Employee must

  • Report for duty, or attempt to report for duty while having recently consumed or be under the influence of alcohol
  • Report for duty, or attempt to report for duty while having recently consumed or be under the influence of drug
  • At anytime (including when you are not on duty) enter any establishment where there is predominantly the sale of alcohol to be consumed on the premises, while wearing any high visibility clothing or PPE that bears the company or clients logo.

All employees must

  • Declare any drug or alcohol related problems you may have or maybe developing
  • Report any prescription or over the counter medication which he/she is taking
  • Submit a drugs and alcohol test if requested to do so


Wordsworth Ltd shall always observe and comply with Corporate Information Policy on Information protection.


  • The Company will comply with the “Law Concerning the Protection of Personal Information” as well as applicable laws and regulations regarding personal information.
  • Except with the consent of the customer or in cases of exceptions under laws and regulations, etc., the Company will handle the personal information of customers to the extent necessary for accomplishing the purpose of utilization.
  • The Company will endeavor to maintain the accuracy of the personal information of customers and update the same. In addition, in order to prevent leakage and wrongful use, etc. of personal information of customers, the Company will put in place necessary and appropriate security control measures and provide thorough education to officers and employees to properly supervise officers and employees and trustees.
  • In order to handle the personal information of customers appropriately, this Declaration of Protection will be reviewed from time to time for continuous improvement.
  • Upon request for disclosure, correction or discontinuation of use, etc. of personal information from a customer with respect to the retained personal data regarding the customer, the Company shall confirm the identification of the customer, in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations and make efforts to provide an adequate and prompt response.


WordsWorth Ltd shall maintain the highest ethical standards in its business dealings and shall also conform to our clients’ standards and specification. Wordsworth ltd aims to succeed in the competitive arena by being innovative, quality-driven, reliable and fair. This means observing both company-specific and statutory regulations.


  • Be absolutely committed to the principle of fair competition and, in particular, to the strict observance of antitrust law.
  • Corruption will not be tolerated.
  • Conscious of its responsibility to protect health and the environment and ensure people’s safety.
  • Every employee is obligated to treat confidentially any internal information that could affect the activities of the company..
  • An internal control system must provide for the proper documentation of key business processes. Controls must be established to ensure that all transaction details relevant for accounting purposes are fully and correctly captured.
  • All employees are expected to behave in a friendly, objective, fair and respectful manner toward colleagues and third parties. Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Confidential company information must not be disclosed to any third party or made public. Employees must treat the intellectual property rights of other entities with the same respect.
  • All employees must always keep their personal interests separate from those of the company. Personnel decisions and business relationships with third parties must also be based solely on objective criteria.
  • The company endeavors to be cooperative in its dealings with all authorities and government agencies. All information communicated to the authorities must be correct and complete and be provided in an open, timely and understandable manner
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